Sedation Dentistry

Do you have unaddressed tooth pain? Have you been postponing your regular dental cleaning or checkup?

Our policy here at Southill is that you are more than just your teeth. When you need treatment, we focus on the whole you. Sometimes that whole you includes stress and fear over a procedure. You may even feel some embarrassment over this fear— giving you even more reason to avoid coming in.

We need you to know that it’s okay to feel like that. In fact, it’s relatively common. Many patients avoid the dentist. The reasons can stretch anywhere from unpleasant past experiences to severe anxiety. Whatever the reason, Southill Dental has a solution for you.

Sedation dentistry means exactly that: dental work done while you are comfortably sedated. For any procedure you need, we offer the zero-pain, zero-anxiety option of laughing gas.

Laughing Gas

This sedation method is on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Model List of Essential Medicines. It is a colorless gas made of two nitrogen atoms combined with a single oxygen. 

This gas is an extremely common and highly effective sedative which has been used in the dental industry for almost 200 years. 

We administer laughing gas through a simple mask. Almost immediately, you will begin to feel content and peaceful. This is the result of its proven anxiolytic (or anti-anxiety) effects. Laughing gas also acts as a general anesthetic, greatly reducing any pain, sensitivity, or tension felt in the mouth and throughout the body.

Laughing gas will keep you comfortable through every moment of your procedure. Its results are not only proven, but have no long lasting consequences. The body doesn’t metabolize N2O, so its presence is very temporary, and the effects wear off quickly enough that many patients can safely drive themselves home afterward.

Enjoy Safe and Gentle Sedation

We are dedicated to comfortable dentistry. Our dentists are qualified and experienced in sedation dentistry, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Patients who have dental anxiety, sensitivity, a strong gag reflex, or the need for complicated dental work can benefit immensely from laughing gas. 

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