Dental Technology

Southill Dental Group is invested in advanced dental care. We stay up-to-date on the most innovative technologies, so we can offer an unparalleled patient experience.

Faster Visits. Greater Comfort.

Some patients avoid the dentist because they can’t stand the thought of a long sojourn in the dental chair. Our advanced dental technology allows us to diagnose your problem quickly and correctly and then provide highly effective treatment. We’ll get you in and out faster and more efficiently than ever.

Intraoral Camera

We can procure detailed images of your teeth and gums with our intraoral camera.

This camera gives our professionals a high-quality view of your entire mouth, especially areas that are difficult to see during a visual exam, such as the back molars. We can compile information on your bite, potential decay, and gum health. Increased information results in more accurate treatment.

Yet another benefit is an increased ability to detect the signs of oral cancer. We can see every area of your mouth, helping us to spot and treat oral cancer right at the start.

These cameras can send what they see directly to software in the computers, allowing us to collect, examine, and store extremely accurate dental information about your mouth and its needs.

Computer Digital Radiography

We use digital x-rays in all of our comprehensive exams. The benefits of going digital are extensive.

Details: Many important problems can be missed by the naked eye. Digital files allow us to run analyses and zoom in on problem areas with remarkable clarity.

Convenience: Digital radiography produces less noise and less radiation than traditional x-rays.They are safer for the patient and so much faster because there’s no need to process the images chemically.

Interactive: You can see your own x-rays right there on the computer screen. They appear within seconds, giving both you and your dentist an up-to-the-minute image of your teeth. With digital radiology, you can now play a more active part in your own healthcare.

We hope you are pleasantly surprised by the speed and ease of your next dental appointment. To schedule an exam or treatment, contact Southill Dental Group today.